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Born in Italy and grew up in Africa, France and England Jake J Meniani is a multi cultural artist. As an actor he had a role in the Cannes Film Festival 2013 Award Winner film “Salvo”, from THE RETURNED to THE DIARIES on BBC he recently played “Federico”, a mafia gangster, next to Adrien Brody in the really well known tv serie “Peaky Blinders”.

With passion of writing he wrote and directed some theaters plays and movie scripts. He is a multi-awarded director and script writer.


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With years of experience in the industry Roger is a passionate Actor. Playing Horatio in the theatre play Hamlet or Pumba in the international musical The Lion King for Disney, Roger actor skills are totally versatile. Roger catched the attention of movie directors and soon we will see him in an English feature.    IMDB link:


With almost 40 years of career, Salvatore Ingoglia has worked in more then 60 movies (cinema and television). Patrice Leconte, Gabriel Axel and Brian de Palma are few examples of the great directors who works with. 



Anna Daria Fontane is a multiskilled actress trained at well-knowned dramatic art schools and with international famous acting coachs. With an international career she had roles in features, TV movies and theatre plays. She worked also with important directors such as Guillaume Gallienne, Louis Farge, Verena S. Freytag, Oren Schmuckler, Catherine Dubois and many more. She recently had a role in an american feature and she is working on her one woman show in Berlin.


With a long career in Theatre (more than 20 plays) Charlotte has also a great experience in TV Series and Short-movies. Recently she played in "Le Yark" at the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil and won 2 awards as best actress for her role in the thriller Deficit Anima.   Agent Website:  Charlotte Noiry

Half Italian and half British, starts cultivating is love for acting since the age of twelve, Renzo slowly manages to study and work for some of the most important directors of the recent era, such as Lindsay Kemp amd Federico Tiezzi. Poliedric artist, he plays various roles in many short movies of different genres (such as Zedder's Game and Vestiti a Modino) and musicals (he is Hanscen Rilow in the italian version of Tony award winner musical "Spring Awakening). Also writer and director, he passes on his passion teaching acting to children. 

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